Saturday, January 26, 2013

Adventures in Breadmaking: The Yeast, they are rebelling!

Cheese Bread - a recipe from Joy of Cooking

20 minutes: I mixed the necessary ingredients (flour, milk, water, egg, butter, sugar, cheese) and started a colony. The ingredients have named it "Bowl". They are peaceful. So far no complaints.

30 minutes: It was necessary to punish the yeast. They refused coexist with the other ingredients. They are a reclusive bunch, and I see them in groups, refusing to let the other ingredients into their circle. I had to beat them into submission for ten minutes until they became well blended with the rest of the cheese bread society.  

31 minutes: The colony, resembling a "melting pot" of ingredients now, has returned to a peaceful state.

60 minutes: The cheese bread society has begun to fester. The yeast, outcasts of society, have begun a revolt. The ingredients are trying to avoid interactions, and have begun to migrate from the center of Bowl. 
90 minutes: In a dire move to escape the rebellious yeast, the ingredients have migrated to the outskirts of Bowl. They are impeded by knowledge of the unknown. What lies beyond the borders of Bowl? Is it safe? If they cross it, will they just end up back in Bowl after years of traveling? Their helplessness drives them to continue their exodus.

92 minutes: There has been yet another revolt resulting in the formation of two factions. The city itself was split down the middle, and those who wanted peace continued to the town of Casserole while the others traveled in the opposite direction, to the town of Pan. The yeast, with no goal but destruction of civilization split and followed both groups. 

125 minutes: The yeast have begun to cause more civil unrest. I must unleash the heat of a thousand ovens on both societies, a modern day Sourdough and Gomorrah, to purge the otherwise peaceful world of Casserole and Pan of evil.

155 minutes: The rebellion has been quashed. Both colonies have joined forces again, and stabilized.

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