Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Breakfast in a Muffin tin!

After seeing a bunch of recipes for similar breakfast items, I made my own breakfast to go using a muffin tin. Who doesn't like breakfast to go?

English Muffins
Sausage links

Cut english muffin pieces that fit in the bottom of each well in the pan.

Cook bacon so it's almost done, still flexible. Drain and dab off the grease. Line the edge of each well with one strip, or two if you need it.

Crack an egg into each well.

Cook sausage links and cut in half. Place one or two halves in each well. Dan likes links, but patties are fine too.

Bake until the egg is cooked at 375 degrees.


A happy husband on Valentine's Day :)

They popped right out, and tasted like a nice greasy breakfast sandwich. I added a little shredded Jarlsberg on top and broiled it. Yum!

Optional ideas: Omit bacon, or cut thick rings from a bell pepper. Add salsa, sliced avocado. You can mix and match many ingredients.

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